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released February 28, 2017



all rights reserved


GLOOM Slovakia

Gothic rock/metal
Current formation:

Martin Pazdera
Igor Tinák
Miroslav Maľcovský-bass
Radoslav Priputen-drums
Barbora Petrášová
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Track Name: Souls Walk Apart
Souls Walk Apart

Cry for mercy
crave for touch
´coz my life
is falling down
inside your icy
shivered heart
is burning charm
all around deep
shadows fly

After the time of my pain
cherish in my heart
when our souls walk apart

Lie for fear
die for love
´coz my heart
is slowly down
inside your graceful
beauty eyes
is eternal flame
all around crimson
flowers grow
Track Name: Heart Dead Remains
Heart Dead Remains

Standing above your
grave in silence
tears, pain and endless void
the house is deserted
black island
too much loneliness around
you are where pain
no longer dwells
you took my souls
when you turned the page
who haven´t been
there cannot know
now I turned to god with rage

Take my hand
and I will follow
now I turned to god with rage
I haven´t strenght
to live for tomorrow
my heart will dead remains

I keep waiting for you and hope
night after night come to my dream to hollow
without you in this world I can´t cope
give me your hand and I will follow
your place isn´t up there but here with me
they say time will take away the pain
my angel, come back I suffer without you
my heart will dead remains
Track Name: Lillyann

I know in this life
your heart isn´t mine
but I crave for your presence
can I love someone
I´ve never met?

Let me just be with you
and dry up my silent tears
be my savior for eternity
I´ll be always waiting for you
let me just be with you
and save my fragile dreams
be my angel for serenity
I´ll be always there for you

I know I should
get you off my mind
but I still offer all my heart
can I love someone
I´ve never seen?
Track Name: No One Ever
No One Ever

Another little death
- on edge of life
embrance of vanity
- deep inside nowhere
broken promises
- awakened darkside of me
trapped in a corner
- nothing left to say

Drowned in my dreams
- sleepless night
darkest hours comes
- wound wide open
twisted bloody truth
- threshold of my pain
shackled in chains
- nothing left to try

No one can save me now
no one can beat me down
I dwell in darkness
with or without you
No one can hurt me now
no one can let me down
I dwell in madness
with or without you
Track Name: Fatal Trust
Fatal Trust

You´ve said our love
would last forever
now your empty words
just a tangled web of lies
stream of life is lost
in downward spiral
because of you
I´m crawling back to start

Shade your love with pain
all changed to vile dirty
from love to hate and vain
everlasting fatal trust

Far too long I lived
for your pointless comfort
for blind devotion
delusion until turning point
I know I´m not the one
who remembered
and heal broken heart
from this lies
Track Name: Catharsis
Catharsis still
refuse my love...
Track Name: The Last Chapter
The Last Chapter

Silent memories
keep you near
as times goes
by another year
out of my life
you may have gone
but in my heart
you still live on

Parting comes
and hearts are broken
Loved ones go
with words unspoken
I miss you more
than anyone knows
as time goes
by this emptiness grows

For all the love
we had together
death cannot take away
forever in my
endless dreams
until we meet again

Those days comes with sad regret
it brings back I shall never forget
the tears I shed wiped away
but the ache in my heart is there to stay